Submission Guidelines

This page is for authors and publishers wishing to submit books for review. Not all of the books reviewed on this site have been submitted by the authors or publishers – we also review books we’ve requested from NetGalley or bought (yes we have paid real money for some of the books LOL). We are currently accepting submissions for *gay romance or other LGBTQ books only*.

We also welcome guest posts from authors of LGBTQ books. Please indicate the topic of your proposed guest post in the submission form below.

We cannot review all books – there are not enough hours in the day. We ask you first to submit some information about your book so we can figure out what to accept for review. If we think we will have time to review it, we’ll ask you to send the full book or ebook.

You’ll find the form at the foot of the page, but please read these submission guidelines first:

1. No guarantees are made, either that your book will be reviewed, or that the review will be positive (whatever that means!). Reviews are the personal opinions of the reviewer. Unless reviews are libellous or infringe copyright, we generally won’t remove them. Please only submit your book if you want an honest review.

2. If you think the review is factually inaccurate (e.g. we got the main character’s name wrong) you can either ask us to correct it using the contact form or leave a comment below the review, if comments are open on that page. We don’t advise authors to get into disputes in the comment section – it’s generally not good for your image. We reserve the right to edit or delete any comment at any time, without notice.

3. Our reviews are copyright and the copyright is owned by the writer of the review. Just as you’re protective of the copyright of your book, please respect the copyright of our reviews. By submitting the form below you agree not to quote more than 5% of the total word count of our review (excluding any excerpt, blurb or summary) without permission, and always to link back to our site (or give the website address if quoting offline), even for the shortest quotes. To request permission for longer quotes, please use our contact form.

4. We only review fiction (novels, short stories, anthologies) and a very small range of non-fiction with LGBTQ interest. No poetry, plays or general non-fiction, sorry.

5. We’d prefer only to read books we’ll enjoy, and you’ll likely get a more positive review that way, too. That’s why we ask for certain information so we don’t waste our time and yours on books that won’t be a good fit:

Genre: you can put anything you like here. You may find this list helpful: literary genres and subgenres

Publication date: this can be past or future, self-published or commercially published, but please don’t ask us to review books that don’t yet have a definite publication date. We won’t beta read, proofread or edit your book.

Blurb or plot summary: you can use what’s on the back of the book, or send a plot summary. We may rewrite this for use in our review. Please don’t include spoilers.

Excerpt (optional): if you choose to provide this, you are giving permission for us to use all or part of it in our review. We will not rewrite it but we may cut it.

Thanks for getting through all of that. Now here’s the form. Starred fields are required.

Submission Form